local events

Queerbeat started in 1997 organizing concerts in Munich and running a regular club night ("alternative spirits" at the Atomic Cafe).

By the time we began to enjoy discovering new rooms. Therefore we organized concerts at several theatres (Marstalltheater, Volkstheater), the planetarium (with Console) and the first party night at the Munich City Hall. Also we set up the two-room-show of Notwist and Console who played simultanuosly, supported by a live boradcasting, at the Pathos Transport Theatre in Munich ("Transistor Notwist").

Since 1999 we run a regular gay and lesbian alternative party (Candy Club).

touring, event management & promo

With the concerts we got in contact with a lot of bands and finally started to book tours for them (Pelzig, Lali Puna, Ted Milton, Pop Tarts and Moulinettes were the first artists represented by Queerbeat).

Later we added bigger local events to our activities: Puch Open Air (since 1999), Theatron - Pfingstfestival (since 2000), the official cultural activities around the Munich Gay Pride (since 2000) and the Bavarian Open (indoor festival) in cooperation with Bayerischer Rundfunk /Bavarian Broadcast (since 2003).

We work as publishers (Edition Queerbeat), Management (Nova International) and sometimes with promotional activities.


Among many others we have promoted the following bands and artists:

The International Noise Conspiracy, Blumfeld, Stereo Total, Motorpsycho, TV On The Radio, Man Or Astroman?, Die Sterne, The Make Up, Whirlpool Productions, Shellac, Fink, Bis, Stella, Cornershop, Kante, Peaches, Luna, Slut, Vega 4, Die Mobylettes, Seachange, The Notwist, Electrelane, Gonzales, Beatnik Filmstars, Miles, Penthouse, Queen Of Japan, Clinic, Die Goldenen Zitronen, Broadcast, Tocotronic, Sleater Kinney, Console, Gemma Hayes, My Vitriol, Tied & Tickled Trio, Chokebore, Tarwater, Die Aeronauten, The Robocop Kraus, Naked Lunch, Zombie Nation, Tigerbeat, Mina, Britta, Mondo Fumatore, Readymade, Chicks On Speed, Pansy Division, T Raumschmiere