Bell Orchestre (CAN) =====EUR=====

Postrock meets Electronic. Sometimes a bit jazzy. Incredibly beautiful arrangements and fantastic musicians. They even cover one song of Aphex Twin (with double bass, violin, brass....). Finally their record is in stores now (arts & crafts). It was produced by John McEntire (Tortoise).

Album "As Seen Through Windows" - Arts & Crafts (Alive) (04/2009)
Bell Orchestre

Clara Luzia (Wien) =====EUR (ausser AT)=====

Clara Luzia aus Wien mag den Zirkus. Mag die tanzenden Tiere, den Geruch der wirbelnden Sägespäne und die Clowns mit den offenen roten Mündern, in die kleine Kinder aus dem Publikum all ihr Staunen, all ihre Bewunderung werfen. Vor allem aber mag sie diese leise Melancholie, die sanft und unsichtbar über diesem bunten Gewusel hängt. Und während da unten alles zaubert, Peitschen schwingt und applaudiert, stehen Clara Luzia und ihre 5-köpfige Begleitband auf der Empore und geben den kunterbunten Takt. Da pluckern Banjos und ächzt ein Cajon, gleich neben Tröten, dem Akkordeon und bauchigen Celli, die zusammen mit Klavier und akustischen Gitarren einen wundersam warmen Folkpop in die Manegenluft zeichnen. "Musik für Menschen, die reinen Herzens und trotzdem nicht naiv sind" sagte einmal eine Zeitung über Clara Luzia und schöner hätte man das wahrlich nicht beschreiben können.


Album "The Ground below" - Asinella Records (Broken Silence) (04/2010)
Clara Luzia

Dance Yourself To Death (CAN/Toronto) =====EUR=====

DYTD come from the queer band scene in Toronto. Their music is influenced by 80ies and 90ies guitar pop and rock, but does sound very fresh and actual. We see them somewhere inbetween GOSSIP, THE ORGAN and similar bands. At least their singer Jen Marko has the potential to become one of the big female icons soon...


Album "Ready For Love" - Dance Yourself To Death (Broken Silence) (10/2009)

Dance Yourself To Death

DJ Marcelle (Amsterdam) =====EUR=====

Freedom. That's the essence of Marcelle's deejay style. The Dutch deejay is not one to remain in the trappings of a certain musical genre. She is versatile and surprising. On her latest album "DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess Meets Her Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory" she mixes African tribal drumming with a cutting edge female rapper, Chinese dub with Austrian accordion playing, bass heavy dubstep with animal noises, breakcore with postpunk and minimal techno with acid chants. The listener is not only entertained but also experiences a tremendous adventure. You just can't stop dancing to Marcelle's lively mix! She has enchanted audiences in cities like London, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, New York, Brussels and Paris. Marcelle is a resident deejay in three major German cities.

Marcelle is available for clubs, parties, pubs, galleries, openings, festivals, modern dance performances, collaborations et cetera.


DJ Marcelle
"She transforms everyone's idea of how to dance and feel great" (New York gig review)

Radio Shows
** DFM Amsterdam: live every Tuesday between 20.00 - 22.00 CET
** Dandelion London: monthly show, playing every day in a loop
** FSK Hamburg: every first Wednesday of the month (23.00 - 01.00 CET)

Gentleman Reg (Toronto/Canada) =====EUR=====

He is one of the oldest members of the huge Toronto music scene. Therefore his cooperations have been wide - to name a few: Final Fantasy, Kevin Drew and Katie (from the Organ, who sings two duets with him on the new record), Feist invited him on stage to play his most famous "boyfriend song" instead of her own encore during a big show in Paris and "it's not safe" might be another song that you know from the Soundtrack of "Shortbus". Reg also plays a small role (as albino) in that movie.

Hunter Valentine (USA/New York) =====EUR=====

Imagine THE DONNAS with much more catchy songs.
Imagine PINK in very young.
Imagine a REAL ROCK SHOW with 3 very charismatic girls.

That's Hunter Valentine. Their background is Toronto's huge scene... One year ago they moved to NEW YORK.


Album "Lessons from the Late Night" - Neo-Tommy Boy Entertainment (Sony Music) (05/2010)
Hunter Valentine

Hunx And His Punx (USA/San Francisco) =====EUR=====

Hunx and his PunxHunx and His Punx is the homoerotic rock-pop manifesto of San Francisco-based performer/personality Hunx, aka Seth Bogart (Gravytrain!!!, Panty Raid). Following in the footsteps of his gay sisters before him (Boy George, Rob Halford, Little Richard, etc), Hunx is proving himself a legendary child in his own right, charming gays and squares alike with outrageous live shows and a fun, sexy candor about his sexuality. Paying homage to his varied influences (The Ronettes, The Ramones, Al Pacino's "Cruising"), Hunx's unique style defies genre and serves up equal helpings of 60's girl group, bubblegum pop and new wave, with an unapologetically punk twist. Girl, it's about time.
For more information go to the mySpace link below and make sure to watch the videos! They tell a lot about the band's attutide.

" if someone put equal parts Ramones, John Waters, and the Ronettes in a blender with some ice and made hot-pink daiquiris to serve at one of those big gay pool parties where everyone looks like Freddie Mercury in a bathing suit."- The Stranger, Seattle


Album "A Heart Full of Sorrow" - Born Bad (Cargo Records) (06/2010)

Kevin Blechdom (Berlin) =====EUR (außer I/E/F/B)=====

Die in Berlin lebende amerikanische Künstlerin vertont auf ihrem aktuellen Album "Eat My Heart Out" das Wahnwitzige, das auf den ersten Blick nicht Zusammengehörige zu einem Klangoptikum: angefangen bei hyper-MIDI Computerrasereien über tragische Balladen bis zu Country-Songs.
Kevin Blechdom

Kids On TV (Toronto/CAN) ====EUR======

KIDS ON TV is basically a three piece from Toronto, Canada with a bunch of frequent guest musicians. On their first full-lenght album "Mixing Business with pleasure" they explore the worlds of punk, no-rave, electro, booty house and experimental rock. They reference many elements of queer history and the artists who inspire them. KIDS ON TV transform environments with projections of their film and video work.
KIDS ON TV is not only an intriguing band, they create a show like no other with breakdancing in the audience, call and response and audience members dancing on stage.
In 2009 KIDS ON TV released their remix album "Shapeshifting Mutants" on ChicksOnSpeed Records.

Album "Shapeshifting Mutants" - ChicksOnSpeed Records (08/2009)
Kids On TV

Lesbians On Ecstasy (CAN) =====EUR=====

Lesbians On Ecstasy are a sound force that bridges the gap between electro/techno with punk rock and occasional flirtations with the clamor and thud of industrial music. The band’s varied musical influences are mirrored by the diverse crowds packing their live shows, a melting pot of disco queens, party goers, indie rockers and even punks and metal heads if you happen to catch them in Hamburg. The band's live set-up consists of sample-based sounds traditionally heard on dance floors everywhere, but in L.O.E.'s case the sounds are performed live with electronic drum pads, live bass, synthesizers and a bevy of effects and pedals.

Album "We know you know" - Alien8 Recordings
Lesbians On Ecstasy

Le Tigre (USA) =====EUR (außer UK)=====
Le Tigre

MEN (USA/New York) =====EUR=====

MENMEN began in 2007 as the DJ team of JD Samson and Johanna Fateman of the band Le Tigre. At the same time, JD became involved in another project, Hirsute, featuring Michael O'Neill and Ginger Brooks Takahashi formerly of the New York indie‐pop group The Ballet, and artist/writer Emily Roysdon. In 2008, MEN continued to tour as DJs, while Hirsute continued to write songs and create a live performance. Eventually, Johanna decided to take a break from the touring life, and the two projects merged to become one.

MEN is JD Samson, Michael O'Neill and Ginger Brooks Takahashi contributions from Johanna Fateman and Emily Roysdon. MEN is a band focusing on the energy of live performance and the radical potential of dance music. Our lyrics speak to issues such as wartime economies, sexual compromise, and demanding liberties. The music is like smashing Gang of Four into the Talking Heads a la 2009. MEN seeks to develop a live stage show that transcends traditional boundaries of performance art, live music and visual art.


Missent To Denmark (München) =====EUR=====

Missent To DenmarkVor ein paar Jahren verschenkte eine junge Band eine EP mit dem cleveren Titel "Please copy for your friends". Drei Jahren später waren Missent To Denmark bereits mit Polarkreis 18 und Klez.E unterwegs und haben sich weit über das Münchner Umland hinaus einen Ruf als exzellente Liveband erspielt.

Mit ihrem neuen Album "I am your son" haben Missent To Denmark in diesem Jahr den bisherigen Höhepunkt ihres Schaffens erreicht. Die vielschichtigen, bis ins letzte Detail ausgetüftelten musikalischen Kleinode der Band brauchen den Vergleich mit Größen wie Grizzly Bear, Radiohead oder Kashmir wahrlich nicht zu scheuen.


Album "I am your son" - Biegen & Brechen (Rough Trade) (04/2010)

My Little Pony (NO) =====EUR=====

My Little Pony My Little Pony is a pretty new band on the friendly Oslo pop scene. Sometimes they play pop, sometimes it's afrojazz, sometimes it's bluegrass, and once in a while even reggae, but it is always within the generous framework of the genre known as indiepop.
Although having existed for only a year, My Little Pony, has already become an experienced live band, playing over 50 shows the past year. In Norway, Sweden, and even Spain, where they are the winners of this years Premio Pop-Eye for "European Revelation".
Their first EP, "Songs in A major", was released in October 2007 and is available from a lot of record stores. The maxi-single "MacGyver Blues" has only been released as a CD-R, and in a limited edition. The compilation "Around the world with My Little Pony, vol.1" was also released by Spoon Train Audio this spring. It contains one new track from My Little Pony and nine tracks by My Little Pony's Myspace friends, including bands like Red Pony Clock, Cola Jet Set and Snippet.
October 2008 saw the release of My Little Pony's long awaited debut album "Think Too Much". It has been produced by Sjur Lyseid of Monzano and The Little Hands of Asphalt, and the video for "Skipping Down the Street" has been directed by Sigurd Fandango. You can see the video here:


Album "Think Too Much" - Quince Records (11/2009)

Scott Matthew (New York / USA)

Scott Matthew Scott Matthew is one of the very few musicians who-well, how may we say this-strips with his music, who dissects himself to reveal his very innards with great parsimony. His voice cries without whining. His songs accuse without soliciting pity. Scott Matthew's music has truth and exigency. And he forms this into songs that are purely magnetic, that expose an honest beauty and sorrow, allowing listeners to take and feel part of the experience.
He describes himself as a "quiet noise-maker". And in our opinion this statement betrays nothing about his music. Instead, it tends to explicate how he sees himself as a musician and how he could be understood as a person.

Scott Matthew is a remarkably gifted singer/songwriter. His songs are easy and unfussy. Together with his producer Mike Skinner (not of The Streets) he arranges the instruments and stylistic devices with such a lightness and elegance, it seems as though the songs are falling accidentally through space and time. Classical string arrangements in "Balladear", "Habit" and "Abandoned" are juxtaposed with minimalist ensembles like "Little Bird" and "Upside Down" where a ukulele supports Scott Matthew's exceptional, soulful voice. The intensity of his singing is tangible. And his humble yet striking stage presence never fails to underline the accessibility of his music.

Album "There Is An Ocean That Divides And With My Longing I Can Charge It With A Voltage Thats So Violent That To Cross It Could Mean Death" - Glitterhouse (Indigo) (04/2009)